Beef & Hog Orders


WHOLE BEEF-$2.50/LB dressed weight, +processing. Usually 700#ish. 
HALF BEEF-$2.75/LB dressed weight, +processing. Usually 350#ish.
Normally $3/LB + processing
Processing done at Red Barn Meats in Croghan, NY
$41 slaughter fee
.54-.58/LB x dressed weight
.20/LB to grind

Limited Time ONly


WHOLE HOG-$2/LB dressed weight, +processing. Usually 350#ish.
HALF HOG-$2.15/LB dressed weight, +processing. Usually 175#ish.
Normally $2.25/LB +processing
Processing done @ Red Barn Meats in Croghan, NY
**Processing usually ends up about $1/# dressed weight unless you get a lot of extras.
*FYI- Our hogs are BIG.. Big. But JUICY!


Call me (Katie) or fill out the form to the right and let me know what you'd like to order.  You and I will go over our processing schedule and I will assign a spot for your beef/hog.

I will get your info and then send you over a Cut Sheet from Red Barn Meats. It will explain to you all of the options that you have available to you and YOU decide what you want, what you don't, how many steaks/chops to a pack, how big you want your roasts, etc. Anything that you do not want will be put into ground beef or ground pork/sausage.  You can also ask for your bones, heart, tongue, liver.... and more!

After I receive your deposit and it's time for you to give your cutting instructions, YOU either email or call over to Jordan at Red Barn Meats and give him the info. He prefers emailed instructions but calling is also fine if you have questions. Once your processing invoice is done, you will call Red Barn Meats directly and pay that before I pick up your product.

When your product is ready and processing is paid, I will pick up your order. I can either bring it back to our walk-in for you to do a Farm Pickup or it can be delivered to your home (for a small fee) it if it works into our delivery route and schedule.

When you pick up / I drop off your product you will then pay your balance due, less deposit paid. then ENJOY! Easy as that!

Please feel free to call with questions.

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