Farmers' Markets 2020

Markets are going to look and be very different this year.  Having a child that is at a higher risk, we are taking COVID-19 very seriously. So if things take a little longer because I need to change my gloves or sanitize a little bit more, etc.... Please bear with me! This is to ensure everyone's safety and health.

I have created the Online Order Forms below for our various markets to help streamline the market experience. Please use them whenever possible, but they are not mandatory. It just helps limit time in the booth, contact, etc... and helps me plan better what to bring! Please don't hesitate to call, text or email me (Katie) with any questions.

No Mask - No Meat!

Watertown Farm & Craft Market

Every Wednesday

9am(ish) to 2pm

May 27th to 

October 7th.


to order online 

for Watertown Farm & Craft Market

McDonough's Valley Hardware Co.

Every Friday

11am(ish) to 4pm

Starting May 15th.


to order online 

for our Keene Valley Popup Market

Saye Real Estate

Every Saturday

9am(ish) to 2pm

Starting May 23rd.


to order online 

for our Saranac Lake Popup Market

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