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What can I expect in my "meat box"?

Our monthly meat box is a pay-as-you-go meat subscription for packages of our local, natural grainfed Angus beef and Heritage pork (and now Lamb and eggs!) available monthly. Unlike buying from a big-box store, CSAs are a great way to give money directly to the (in our case) farming family that raises quality local meats right here in the North Country... keeping your money LOCAL and promoting the local economy.  You'll receive cuts of quality meats that vary month to month... Feel good about what you're feeding your family -

No antibiotics. No growth hormones. No GMOs.

What you receive will vary from month to month but the value will remain fairly consistent. Boxes can be any combination of:

Ground beef, burger patties, steaks, roasts, marrow bones, beef back ribs, short ribs, stew meat, ground pork, bacon, sausage (various flavors), hams (fresh or smoked), pork spare ribs, pork shoulders and more! 

There will be fresh (never frozen) products included whenever possible! Remember- our quality meats are sold and served in restaurants, stores, schools and businesses all over the North Country. You won't be disappointed.

 Our stuff is awesome... but hey-everyone is different! So if you get something in your box that you're not a fan of... Let us know and it will be noted for when packing your future boxes. Our goal is to give you quality, local meats that you love and can feel good about feeding your family due to the lack of growth hormones and antibiotics. Your satisfaction is essential.


3 Month Subscription - $345 Cash or Check

6 Month Subscription - $665 Cash or Check

(You pick the months-Perfect for seasonal residents and or "summer folks"... Up here from May to October?-- Perfect-1 box a month. May to September?-- No problem! Pick which month you'd like to double up your box. Maybe your last month so you bring some things home with you? Or maybe not because you plan on having guests and would like a little extra a certain month during the summer. Either way, we will make it work. Planning on coming up some time during the holidays?-- We got you! You can also save one or your monthly boxes for then. We are pretty easy to get along with and want this program to work for YOU.)

12 Month Subscription - $1275 Cash or Check

Paying by Credit Card is an option. We charge a 3% processing fee for all credit card transactions. This is already included in the prices in our Online Store. 

Double shares are available and recommended if you have a large family...... or are big carnivores like us! 

E X A M P L E    B O X E S

A couple examples of a monthly DLF box-

1# of Sweet Italian Sausage, 1# of Hot Italian Sausage, 1# of Breakfast Links, a 4# Fresh Ham, 3# of Ground Beef, 3# of Bone-in Pork Chops, a 4# rack of Beef Back Ribs and 1# of Stew Beef

A 5# rack of Short Ribs, 2# of Ground Pork, 2# of NY Strip Steaks, a 4# Pork Shoulder, 3# of 4oz Burger Patties (12 burgers), 1# of Skirt Steak

4# rack of Pork Spare Ribs, a 4# Chuck Roast, 2# of Ground Beef, 1# of Chorizo, 2# of Boneless Ribeyes, 2# of Ham Steaks

So you will receive between 14-18ish# of assorted cuts/grinds

(heavy on the ISH.... because of different pricing on various cuts!) 

Purchased add-ons will recur monthly.  Possible add-ons are 1#- ground lamb, smoked bacon, cased sausage, stew lamb, stew beef, ground pork

& more! 

H O W   D O   I   G E T   I T?

So there are a few options-


1) Call or text Katie @ (518)319-0700 and we can get things going!


2)  Inquire at out Farmers/Popup markets.


3) Send an email by clicking HERE and we will respond and get you hooked up!


Check can be made out and sent to:

Donahue's Livestock Farms

87 Academy Street, Malone,  NY 12953

Pickup at our farm will be the first Saturday of each month between noon and 2pm. If Saturdays don't work, we can probably make arrangements for a different pickup time. Just ask!  Pickup at our Farmers Market Booth in Watertown on Wednesdays or our pop-up markets in Keene Valley on Fridays, and Saranac Lake on Saturdays is also possible. If you live in the Plattsburgh area, Prays' Farmers Market is one of our Pickup spots. We can drop your box there for you to pick up at your convenience. Just a $5 monthly pickup fee payable to them when you pick up. 

Home Delivery is available for a fee.  Options are available as a separate product in our Online Store for by credit card payment. It can also be paid for by Cash or Check for a discount from the credit card price. If you are on or close to my regular delivery route, the delivery charge will be less. Call me, let me know where you live and we can go from there. 

This is new to us, so some things might change as we learn and grow with this program. Please be patient and willing to adapt!


Many of you know this, but we have a son that has Cystic Fibrosis. So, naturally, we are taking the COVID-19 pandemic VERY SERIOUSLY. Until further notice (and who knows how long) you will see us doing deliveries and handling pickups at the farm with masks and gloves, etc. There is no hand-to-hand transactions. Pre-payment for your subscription by check is honestly preferred for the Cash/Check discount.  Credit card is also available in our Online Store.  If you prefer dealing in Cash, that is no problem either! We just ask that you have the exact balance due in a ziploc bag and you can just let us know where to look for it when we deliver and if picking up at the farm, we have a box for you to put it in and will be there to show you.

So please be assured we are absolutely taking every necessary precaution to keep you AND us healthy and happy! As always, please feel free to call Katie with any questions.

Head over to our ONLINE STORE to purchase your subscription, add-ons and home delivery (if preferred) by credit card!

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