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Butcher Hanging Beef

So, we are planning to build a  USDA/Custom Meat
Processing Facility...

We are looking to build a new USDA and Custom meat processing facility on our farm in North Bangor. I've had conversations with dozens of Upstate NY producers who have all been very interested in the idea of another option for meat processing. I've made a survey by way of Google forms... not only to organize all of this information gathered for use in planning, but also to be able to prove the interest of other local North Country producers in the services we hope to offer when obtaining funding and grants. 


The Basics...

Listen, we know this isn't going to be fast - or easy! In fact, this project is proving to be very time-consuming, mentally exhausting and expensive.....

*But everything that's worth it, ALWAYS IS!!*  

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call, text or email me anytime. If you're able, please share this form with other farmers and producers you may know to give us the best understanding we can get on this project.  

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