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You can order a 1/2 COW, natural and grain-finished @ $3.25 per pound, hanging weight. *AVERAGE* weight is about 650 lbs of meat.  So say you bought 1/2 of a cow that weighed 648 pounds after it was butchered.... Half of that would be 324 pounds times $3.25 per pound... Totaling $1053 for an FULL SIDE OF BEEF. The cost of the processing for the cow used in this example would be $210.60 (.65 per pound due to Tri-Town Packing upon pickup), provided you do not order any products that cost differently for processing, such as beef jerky.

Once your deposit is paid, we will contact you regarding your order.  If for some reason you do not hear from us within 24 hours, call 518/812.1777.

DEPOSIT ON 1/2 COW (Full side of beef)