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Available NOW!...Call 518/319.0700
WHOLE COW--$3/LB dressed weight, +processing.
HALF COW--$3/LB dressed weight, +processing.
Processing done @ Red Barn Meats in Croghan, NY
$31 kill fee and then .60/LB  x dressed weight.

Farmers Markets....

McDonough Valley Hardware Co. in Keene Valley

Friday starting May 24th to Sometime in September...

11am(ish) to 6pm(ish)

Did this last year on Sundays...

Looking to start a little earlier in the season and on Fridays this year. Same place--Parking lot over by the Post Office. 

Spread the word and see ya there!


Watertown Farmers' Market...

Wednesdays starting MAY 22ndd to October 2nd...

(we get there about 8)am til 3PM

Our stand is located right in front of 

Watertown City Hall.

SAY REAL ESTATE in Saranac Lake

87 River Street across from Lake FLower

Saturdays from 9(ish) to 2(ish)

Cherrie Sayles from Say Real Estate has given me permission to set up my market stand in their parking lot. Look for my signs and please spread the word!


Livestock Farms

is a family owned and operated business located in  North bangor, NY.  

We offer locally raised and processed, chemical and hormone-free, grain-fed

*Angus Beef.

Now also offering

Heritage pork!!


 *Our beef is always going to be *at the very least* 50% ANGUS Beef. (All animals we sell for our quality beef are Angus or Angus crosses. Always at least 50% Angus bloodline.) We have approximately 130 of our own dams that are Red Angus or Black Angus... and ALL of our Sires are registered--either Red or Black Angus.  Therefore the beef you buy from us will NEVER be from culled out DAIRY cows because they are no longer productive.  We also help support local economy by buying feeder calves (that are also at least 50% ANGUS) from other local farmers.

Do YOU have any to sell? Click HERE.