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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are

unsure what will be happening as far as

Farmers' Markets for the year - We will let you know ASAP!

In the meantime, we have several cuts

available for purchase either in our Online Store

or for Pickup in North Bangor, NY

Order Online or Call (518)319-0700 for info


Livestock Farms

is a family owned and operated business located in  North bangor, NY.  

We offer locally raised and processed, chemical and hormone-free, grain-fed

Angus Beef.

Now offering

pork & Lamb.


 *Our beef is always from beef breed animals. Never DAIRY. We have approximately 130 of our own dams - most of which are Red or Black Angus.. but do have a few Charolais and Hereford mommas as well...

All 6 of our bulls are registered--

either Red Angus, Black Angus or Charolais.

We also regularly buy feeder cattle from

many local farmers.

Do YOU have any calves to sell? Click HERE.

Available NOW!...Call 518/319.0700
 *special pricing due to COVID-19 pandemic! It's important to us
that we do the best we can to help our community
through this trying time! 
WHOLE COW-$2.50/LB dressed weight, +processing. 
HALF COW-$2.75/LB dressed weight, +processing.
Normally $3/LB +processing
Processing done @ Red Barn Meats in Croghan, NY
$41    kill fee and then
.54/LB  x dressed weight.
.20/LB to grind 
WHOLE HOG-$1.85/LB dressed weight, +processing. 
HALF HOG-$2/LB dressed weight, +processing.
Normally $2.25/LB +processing
Processing done @ Red Barn Meats in Croghan, NY
$20    kill fee and then
.60/LB  x dressed weight
.98/LB (green weight) to smoke bacon
.88/LB link sausage
.58/LB bulk sausage
They also offer jerked pork for $1/LB