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The local USDA Certified Processing Center that we use to process all of our animals  is:



located at 

9095 Briot Road

Croghan,  NY  13327


Our Products

We offer several different ways to purchase our delicious, chemical and hormone-free, grain-finished natural beef!  Head over to our Stockists page to see all of the different restaurants, markets, shops, deli's, and stores that our beef can be found in! Check out our Online Store, where we offer several different products ranging from ground beef by the pound all the way up to a full cow!  There are also several options in which you can obtain your beef.  The most common for halves of or whole cows is PICKUP @ Red Barn Meats in Croghan, NY.  Using this method, you pay us first for your beef and then will pay Red Barn for your processing costs as you pick up your meat.  Their cost for processing is .60 per pound, unless you are requesting products that they charge a little more to process, such as beef jerky, plus a $41 Slaughter Fee. For any processing questions you can call them directly at (315)346.1254.

Half or whole animals can also be delivered to your home for you for a small fee.


You can also Contact Us Directly or call (518)319.0700 to place an order or get more information about our products.


Individual cuts of steak or burger can be picked up at our residence. ((Call for info)) or the places mentioned on our Stockists page. We also offer LOCAL DELIVERY.  We will deliver your meat order totalling over $50 w/in a 75 mile radius from Malone at the cost of .20 per mile.  


Our prices for 1/2 and FULL COWS are as follows:


FULL COW--$3.00 per pound, + processing

1/2 COW, Full Side of Beef--$3.25 per pound, + processing


EXAMPLE::  If you were to buy a full cow from us, and your your cow dressed @ 679 pounds, your total cost due to Donahue's Livestock Farms for your meat would be$2,037.  Your processing on this animal(provided you aren't getting any products that cost more than the .65 per pound) would be $438.40, due to Red Barn Meats.

**On average, our cows dress out to about 700-800 lbs.