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Where do your cattle come from?

About 125 calves come off our own farm annually.  The majority of all other cattle are purchases from local farmers in Clinton, Franklin and St. Lawrence Counties... therefore supporting local beef farmers and local economy.

What are your cattle fed?

We've worked with a nutritionist to come up with a custom feed mix that helps promote faster growth but still supplies our cattle their daily nutrient requirements.  The feed ration consists of the proper minerals to support the health of the cattle.  Also, corn snaplege, grain distillers, gluten feed and a cookie meal are among the majority of the ingredients used in the finished feed ration.  Younger calves nurse and graze alongside their dams during summer pasture time. Then come fall, they are weaned and introduced to a corn silage/grain mix until they are switched over to the finished ration.   

Are they fed antibiotics? Chemicals? Additives? Growth hormones or implants? Genetically modified feed?

                       NOPE! Cattle are NEVER implanted with growth hormones.  They are NEVER fed any growth hormones or ions, such as Rumensin.  The cattle are NEVER fed any animal by-products or waste products.  The cattle are NEVER fed antibiotics in their feed or water.  Antibiotics are only used on the farm in extreme cases where death is iminent without them.  The small percentage of cattle that have been treated with antibiotics are then marketed elsewhere. 

Is your beef inspected and insured?

                Yes.  The meat is USDA inspected at the time of slaughter and packaging.  Donahue's Livestock Farms also has a 1 Million Dollar Liability Insurance to cover our products and any restaurants and businesses that sell them.